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Healox has over 12 years of oxygen therapy experience and is a top-rated oxygen concentrator supplier. We offer the highest quality brand of portable Oxygen Concentrator, home oxygen concentrator and solutions for sleep therapy. Our oxygen concentrators can help you in your path to a healthy and active lifestyle. We strive to simplify and improve the quality of life with the help from our products. In all serious disease states, we find a concomitant low oxygen state… Low oxygen in the body tissues is a sure indicator for disease…Hypoxia,Autism or lack of oxygen in the tissues, is the fundamental cause for all degenerative disease. Oxygen is the source of life to all cells.

How an Oxygen Concentrator Works - Turning Air into Oxygen

There are many parts that make up a portable oxygen concentrator. A compressor and sieve bed filter are a couple of the main parts. The compressor compresses air that is filtered into the concentrator, then delivers the air in a continuous stream.

The compressed air moves to the sieve bed filters. The sieve bed filter plays an important role, as it is the device that removes the nitrogen from the air. A material called Zeolite, which is a six-sided microscopic cube with holes on each side, is in the sieve bed and this is what removes the nitrogen from the air.

Two sieve beds are located in the concentrator. After air is first compressed in the concentrator, it is forced into the first sieve bed. Oxygen is sent into the product tank. The first sieve bed then gets filled up with nitrogen. Next, the gas flow is switched, and the compressed air is moved to the second sieve bed. The first sieve bed’s compressor is sent to the outside room, and the air from the product tank goes back into the first sieve bed.

The drop in pressure from the first sieve bed and the weakening of oxygen makes the Zeolite release nitrogen. The Oxygen and Nitrogen come back together and are released in the room as regular air. The air is then compressed and sent to the second sieve where Oxygen is moved through it to the Product Tank. The whole cycle starts over again with the first sieve after a few seconds.

Other important parts are the cooling system that keeps the portable oxygen concentrator from overheating, and the nasal cannula that delivers the purified oxygen after the oxygen has been passed through all the sieve bed filters. The cannula helps improve oxygen absorption.

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