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Healox Portable Oxygen Concentrator is a supplementary home-use equipment and it is not intended for serious disease or those who stay alive solely on medical oxygen. If you suffer from a disease, please consult with your doctor before placing order.



Limited Stock Available NOW in New Zealand


Oxygen outlet : 2L-9L/min adjustable


– Oxygen Concentration(%): 30%-93% Adjustable
– Applied Voltage: AC220V ±22V 50HZ
– Display control: HD LCD display touch screen infrared remote control
– Control distance: 15 Meter
– Noise(dBA): less than 45db
– Technology: oxygen concentrator with Pressure Swing Adsorption(PSA)
– Product Dimension(mm): 404 x 182 x 383 mm
– Breathing way: Convenient both in earphone breathing apparatus or nose
– Rated Power(W): 230W
– Oxygen Pressure: 0.02~0.05MPa


☆ Advantage 1: To solve the problem of the oxygen inhalation, Can sustainable
work 3000(225 days) hours of uninterrupted supply of oxygen
☆ Advantage 2: The touch key high-end configuration, use the touch sensitive
unlimited life, leading technology.
☆ Advantage 3: 45 db Quite, easy make you fall in sleep. Baby with night sleep
function: sub woofer level 45 Bai(leading); a row of button remote control operation
to your hand
☆ Advantage 4: The first exclusive power saving Mode: T intimate power-saving
mode, Oxygen concentrator your intimate and comfortable health Keeper!
☆ Advantage 5: Intimate Design A row of Keys High-grade atmosphere simple and
stylish design protruding buttons, children and senior citizens, housewives…
operate hand heart desire
☆ Advantage 6: Intelligent Time accumulation function: The machine is equipped
with a timing function, want to suck on how long how long. The cumulative function,
from the first time you boot start time
☆ Advantage 7: Portable Design: Portable design humanization, let mom and dad
are where can easily carry.
☆ Advantage 8:Exclusive stainless steel metal oxygen nozzle, high -grade
appearance, durable security
☆ Advantage 9: German imports of negative ion emitter 6000000/CM3 per second
☆ Advantage 10: Double warranty protection settings, only need to easily replace
the fuse.
☆ Advantage 11: German Imports Zeolites- Aluminum Oxide Molecular sieve tube
Oxygen outlet 2L-9L/min adjustable


1. High flow rate 2L-9L for double oxygen inhalation
2. 24-hour continuous supply of oxygen
3. High flow rate, high oxygen concentration
4. High-frequency negative ion transmitter
5. HD LCD Full touch screen
6.The infrared remote control
7.Power saving model
8.Auto power off for protection
9.Power saving model
10. Well-designed power-saving mode
11.Support for double people breathing oxygen at same time
12. Pure copper oil-free compressor
13. Aluminium – magnesium alloy cooling fan with low noise
Package Included:
– 1 xHealOx Oxygen Concentrator
– 1 x Remote Control
– 1 x 3 meter Oxygen Tube
– 1 x Water Trap
– 1 x Ear hook Oxygen Inhaler
– 1 x Nasal Suction Oxygen Inhaler
– 1 x Inlet Filter
– 1 x User Manual
– 1 x Start Guide
– 1 x Product Warranty Card

Download Healox Oxygen Manual – CLICK HERE

Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 40 × 18 × 38 cm


  1. Olivia Kolan.

    After receiving the goods, I tried it for an hour with my dad at home. After using it,
    the old man felt refreshed and strong. Refined equipment, large amount of oxygen
    and high concentration, I think the best of its kind, it is worth having!

  2. Lisa C.

    COVID-19 is really horrible. I had to prepare an oxygen generator for myself. So i
    bought it, it is an oxygen machine with a nice performs as stated, the
    remote is my favorite feature. I can change it to 6 liters with a single button. It is
    quietly working and affordable for me. Recommended !

  3. Charlie – William

    This is one of the best oxygen generators I have ever used. And the oxygen
    produced is very sufficient, and there is no noise at all. I think this product is
    perfect. I seem to like this machine deeply. The function of this machine is more
    complete than many machines on the market. The most important thing is that the
    amount of oxygen produced by the machine is very sufficient, I hope to recommend
    it to my friends.

  4. Nick

    The product is lightweight and has a handle for easy carrying or lifting with one
    hand. It is very convenient to use and the price is very reasonable. Complete
    accessories, no need to purchase nasal suction , suitable for home use, good

  5. Ava

    Very pleased with the oxygen machine. The instructions is very detailed and helped
    a lot. Has been using for couple days and I feel better with its help.

  6. M. George

    The oxygen generator has been in use for a while, and the old people at home use
    it well, with low noise and large amount of oxygen. It will be easy to use at a glance,
    and it has achieved the desired value. It is suitable to use one time without
    consumables. Thank you for finding such a good product. And the delivery time of
    the logistics is very fast, which meets my needs very well.

  7. Isla – Amelia

    Recently, because of the new coronavirus, there are too many people lining up for
    oxygen in the hospital. I was very anxious and afraid of cross-infection. Then I
    decided to buy a medical oxygen generator to directly oxygenate at home.

  8. Willow

    This is the best oxygen generator I have ever used. For such a severe epidemic, I
    think this machine is perfect. It can completely meet my needs, I like it very much,
    and when he produces oxygen, there is almost no noise. I like it very much and I
    would recommend it to friends around me because it can meet our needs now.

  9. Lucas Ever.

    I bought this oxygen generator for a family member. I did n’t understand some
    places at the beginning. We asked the sellers and they gave us some professional
    suggestions and attention. The noise of the machine is very low. Happy it has the
    the voice prompt function, which is very convenient for the elderly.

  10. Thomas

    In a very severe epidemic situation, my grandfather was very ill and needed such a
    machine at home. I think this machine is very good, my grandfather’s health is very
    poor, and the doctor advised me to buy this machine. I compared a lot of machines
    on the market, and I still feel that the brand of Healox is best.

  11. Jack

    Good product, quiet and powerful. Just starting to use it. Going well so far.

  12. Ruby

    I love this product more because it gives me plenty of oxygen. The old man has
    difficulty breathing at old age, and it becomes more serious when the weather is
    bad. As a granddaughter, I bought an oxygen generator for my grandmother. I hope
    my grandma is always healthy and healthy. The oxygen generator is very good and
    can be operated independently by the elderly!

  13. K. Leo

    My grandfather needed to use this, but the epidemic could not go to the hospital, so
    I bought this for my grandfather. The speed of logistics delivery is very fast. I like it
    very much. This is a good choice.

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